Thursday, September 17, 2009

Re-write Your Life Script

Have you ever taken the opportunity to re-write your life script? To tear off the old pages and start with a clean, fresh sheet of paper? Often this happens as part of a big life change or upheaval. A job loss, a divorce, a move or some other extraordinary event that changes you forever and forces you to reassess everything you are and everything you do. Most of us don't want to go through the upheaval to get the new life. But have you ever considered re-writing your script on just an ordinary day? If you could wake up tomorrow and recreate your life into the life of your vision and dreams, would you do it? What would it look like?

That empty sheet of paper can seem intimidating -- all that white space crying out to be filled with a plan for joy, purpose, meaning and fulfillment. How do you begin? Is it really attainable? This year I have started to re-write my own life script. My oldest daughter has left home to pursue a career as a ballet dancer. After years of driving her 60 miles round trip twice a day to her dance studio, I discovered her absence has created a time void for me that has screamed for attention. Though I've loved raising kids and working as a public relations consultant part-time, I finally decided to pursue my true passion. Unfortunately, I didn't know quite what my passion was! But something inside kept urging me on, begging me to continue asking the universe "What am I supposed to do?" In my search, a very strange thing happened. I discovered that my passion is helping other people discover their own!

In April I started training for certification as a Life Coach. For those who don't know, a Life Coach works with individuals, groups or organizations as a partner and facilitator in helping them determine who or what they are, their goals and how to achieve them. They help you re-write the script and then encourage you to live it! A Life Coach can work with you on any goal -- from finding your life passion to increasing your productivity. You do the work. The coach helps move you along.

I am more than halfway through my training and have started coaching (a requirement for my certification). I love the process of facilitating change, growth, joy and passion. Supporting people as they move forward toward a better life is thrilling! In fact, if you or a friend would like to experience coaching first hand, I am providing a free session to anyone truly interested in blooming in some way. Feel free to e-mail me at One last thing. My friend Laura helped me create the name Bloom Life Coaching. She also created a beautiful logo and business cards for me. Thanks Laura. Your passion inspires me!

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  1. Barrie -

    You will be an amazing life coach! You're such a beautiful and inspiring writer - I love your blog! I will happily be among your first clients, if you're up for a BIG challenge!

    - Laura