Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Are You Coachable?

When I first heard about Life Coaching, I thought it sounded kind of new agey. Like the way you might think about crystals -- they sound nice and look pretty, but can they really do anything? Now I know better about coaching (the jury is still out on crystals), and since I've been training with corporate leaders, VP's of human resources, PhD's in psychology, and other muckedy mucks, I figure if it's a fluke, I'm in good company.

But it isn't a fluke. Life coaching generates great results for people. That's why corporations, executives, athletes, and celebrities hire coaches all the time. (See this New York Times article about coaching: http://www.nytimes.com/2006/03/26/fashion/sundaystyles/26COACH.html)

But it also helps people like you and me discover who we are, what motivates us, what our goals are, and how to achieve them. Here's an example on a smaller scale. A friend asks you to go for a run. "Come on," they might say. "You said you wanted to lose weight and it'll be fun running together." So surprise -- you've just been coached. You've been motivated, inspired, and you have someone to whom you are accountable. Life coaching is the same, but on a more profound level with long-lasting results. If you work with a coach, you will grow and grow and grow.

You might think you don't need a coach. And maybe you don't. But before you blow it off completely, ask yourself this question: "Am I coachable?" Is there any area of your life, work, relationships, finances, or enviroment that could use improvement? Are you interested in self discovery and thinking outside of the box? Would it be easier to do these things with someone trained to help you? Do you have the real desire for something better?

There's really nothing to lose. Most coaches offer a complimentary session up front so you can get a feel for what it's all about. If you are a business owner or a parent or an athlete or a student, or anyone who wants to move forward, coaching will help you achieve what you want.

Here are some of the results you can expect from coaching:

1. Discover what is out of balance with your life by looking at who you are now and what you need to change.

2. Determine what is sapping your energy and how to eliminate these drains in your life.

3. Envision and define what a really fulfilling life looks like for you.

4. Decide what your priorities are and how to stay focused on achieving your goals.

5. Focus on your values and align your external life with your internal beliefs.

6. Unhinge yourself from beliefs and patterns that are holding you back from what you want to achieve.

7. Make profound shifts in your way of seeing yourself and the world, allowing you to move in directions you never even considered!

If you are interested in learning more about coaching and how it might benefit you, I invite you to email me at bbdavenport@charter.net.


  1. I've been coached for years and it's the best thing I've ever done for myself. It really helps keep me on track with my business and personal goals.

  2. Yeah okay so you were talking to me here weren't you? ;) I'm getting there.