Sunday, September 20, 2009

Larry and Jody

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I have these friends, Larry and Jody. They are the coolest couple. They have always been cool, but in the last few years they are more than cool. They are amazing. I've known them for years. Mostly Jody, since both of our daughters have been training together as ballet dancers, and Jody and I have been plopped together in carpools, recitals, and waiting around dance studios. Jody always has had the most incredible zen-like quality to her. While I was biting my nails over my daughter's ups and downs as a dancer, Jody seemed to handle it all with a serene equanimity and appropriate detachment. I really wanted that. Plus, she could pull off wearing blue jean overalls and look completely adorable. But I digress . . .

I got to know Larry a bit later. I started hearing bits and pieces of a new venture he had started. Something about coaching people to align their life and spiritual goals. I kept asking his teenage daughter (the dancer) what he was doing, and she'd roll her eyes and say, "I don't really know." So as I was thinking about life coaching for myself, I decided to go talk with Larry to learn more about his work. And I found out the most incredible thing about him -- and Jody.

First, Larry had worked for years in a big job with a big corporation. They lived in a big house in a gated community. You get the picture. (I never really knew this since Jody is so zen and wears overalls.) One day Larry comes home to the big house and tells Jody that he has been experiencing a spiritual transformation and has been profoundly inspired to start a non-profit working with people on spiritual awakening. Oh, and by the way honey, we'll need to sell the house to do this, and please don't buy any more overalls. Needless to say, this did a number on their marriage. This was not the Larry Jody had married.

But here's the amazing part. Larry had discovered his life passion. He couldn't walk away from it in spite of fears about his marriage, finances, and a myriad of concerns about starting a new venture. And as Larry aligned with his authentic self, incredibly Jody did too. Maybe she was forced too by circumstances, but that doesn't matter. As long as we get there. She would have gotten there one way or another.

So fast forward to today. Larry started Cloudwalk, a Christian non-profit organization whose people have dedicated their lives to serving others in their spiritual growth. They do workshops and retreats and have touched hundreds of lives. It continues to grow, and Larry is clearly where he should be. The Cloudwalk offices are in this wonderful, light-filled cottage which he shares with Jody. Jody found her own passion and started a retail business called The Garden Within. The rest of the cottage is her retail space where she and her partners sell all kinds of unique, locally made stuff. Jewelry, clothing, garden goodies. I just want to roll around in there, it's so neat. The outside of the cottage is devoted to Jody's gardening business, another of her passions. She also works with Larry at Cloudwalk with workshops and retreats. She has a light around her.

So now this husband and wife have each found where they are supposed to be. Their contentment is palpable. They are in this great space, together, working with people who want to grow spiritually. Amazing.

Why am I telling you about this? Because life is short. Find what you love and go for it. Don't accept mediocre. If you need help, get a mentor or coach or advisor to assist you in discovering the authentic you and then become it. Go live an amazing life.

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  1. Whoa. That took my breath away. That fulfillment is unimaginable to me. I can't believe people are able to really go for a life like that. And actually achieve it.

  2. Btw since she is my namesake my I can chanel my inner zen through her and be zen too.

    Probably will not be going to overall route though.