Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Standing On The Edge

Life is an adventure pulsing,
Waiting to be claimed,
To be molded and formed
Into the design of your making.

It is an instant on the edge
Of some wild cliff where you teeter,
Then fall with arms outstretched,
Knowing the universe will catch you and hold you
In a tender embrace.

Life is a glorious hiccup in time, a flickering star.
Hold it like a delicate flower, then fling it to the sky
With wild abandon, with laughter, with utmost love.
Until your heart bursts opens and blooms,
And a million radiant gems scatter down upon you.

You are a living, breathing slice of eternity
For whom you are named and given essence.
It is your obligation to make your namesake proud,
To suck the juice from the marrow of the moment
And savor every breath, every tear, every thing.

Awaken now! Turn the potter's wheel and press the clay.
The fire has forged you and made you new. The cliff is calling.
Close your eyes, fall forward with the wind at your face.
Smiling and knowing that creation has begun.

Love the fall. Love the wind. Love the arms that catch you.
They are your own.

-Barrie Davenport

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  1. Amazing! Beautiful!!! I need to read that everyday.